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The Gold Star Corps program strives to foster positive relationships between Gold Star Kids and Veteran mentors. Children of our nations fallen heroes are guided through fun and educational outdoor activities. Working together to complete tasks and achieve goals, the pair creates a bond that is truly impactful. The Gold Star Corps program also strives to give back to the spouses and parents of our fallen heroes. During the mentoring events, there is always something special planned for the adults so they can relax while their children are off having fun with their mentors.


The spouses really enjoy getting to talk with each-other, there is no one out there who knows what they have been through other than another Gold Star Spouse. There have been tears and much laughter shared between these ladies and we are so thankful to provide them the opportunity to be together.


Our Team

Cory & Jessica

Cory and Jessica Merritt founded the Special Liberty Project together, driven by their mutual passion for giving back to their fellow military families.

Cory is an active duty Navy Senior Chief, true outdoors-man and outstanding family man.

Jessica is a homeschooling, homesteading, nature lover, committed to helping others by getting them back in the great outdoors.


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